NeNe Leakes
likes to keep it real, and she's getting real candid about her costar Kenya Moore

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star took to her blog after Sunday's "Pillow Talk" party (which escalated into one epic brawl) to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the fight.

The party quickly changed from a couples counseling session to a fight club when Christopher Williams stood up to address Kenya's statements surrounding his marriage to Natalie Williams.

What we didn't see in the episode (according to NeNe), was Kenya charging towards Natalie after she started screaming "don't back peddle now" when her husband started a conversation with Moore about the allegations she made during their wine tasting trip.

"Chris’s wife Natalie started saying 'don’t back paddle [sic] now' and Kenya got up and charged out of her seat towards Natalie (but you couldn’t see that part) (I wonder why?)," Leakes writes. 

"Chris stepped in to stop her but not in an aggressive way. Kenya then got all extra saying take your hands off on me! Her girlfriend in the red pajamas jumped up in Chris’s face and that’s when the explosion started. I don’t condone violence! I can’t control adults and it’s not my fault if adults decide to fight on their own!"

The "girlfriend" NeNe is referring to is Kenya's male assistant, Brandon DeShazer, who took a pretty bad beating once Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo Nida jumped into the fight. 

"In my opinion Kenya was the spark that lit the fire. Whenever she’s around, we have the worst times," she says. "I’ve been on this show from the very beginning and we have NEVER had a physical altercation on this show!"

"I am all about a good read, throwing shade and even getting you together when need be but violence is never okay to me. I think it’s a sad display of behavior and I think it is sad to the black community to be a part of such negative activity! I am bigger, I am better and for that I apologize!"

It definitely wasn't one of the ladies and their husbands' finest moments on the show -- still, do you think it was all Kenya's fault? 

Tell toofab in the comment section below -- and see NeNe confront Kenya after the battle in the video below:

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