Sure, it's a sci-fi/fantasy film, but could the most unrealistic thing about "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" be Scarlett Johansson's waistline?

Marvel just unveiled three new promo posters for the movie and they do a good job illustrating the difference between how men and women are used to sell a flick.

While Chris Evans' teaser shows only a profile of Captain's face, ScarJo's Black Widow got the full body treatment, posing with two guns out while flipping her hair.

Almost immediately, fans starting crying "Photoshop" about her image -- criticizing her waist the most.

While we're sure Scarlett could look like that with the help of a corset, it's not really practical for a superhero to wear one under a neoprene suit, right?

This double standard is something Johansson herself has talked about at length in the past.

"I'd have to wear pasties to greenlight any of these movies," she said about trying to start a film franchise with a female comic character as the lead. "They're always fighting in a bra, so while it might be exciting for a still photo, it's ridiculous."

"Superheroine movies are normally really corny and bad," she told EW. "They're always like, fighting in four inch heels with their [thrusting out her chest] like a two-gun salute."

She has a point, one that's pretty much proven in the gallery above.

All this being said ... we still can't wait for the movie, which opens March 26. And hopefully Black Widow can score her own flick down the line, without having to wear pasties.

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