Get our your overalls and BOP magazines, because we're taking a trip back to 1995.

"Sister, Sister" stars Tia and Tamera Mowry visited the toofab newsroom recently to promote their new campaign with Scrubbing Bubbles -- and Brian Particelli put them to the test on all things TGIF.

From theme songs and guest stars to "Dinosaurs" (remember that?!?), see which question about their own show really stumped the twins.

Then, it was off to Tiger Beat territory, as we talked to the women about their childhood crushes.

They definitely didn't hold back, with the boy crazy girls dishing about their personal experiences with Andrew Keegan, "The Sandlot" cutie Mike Vitar (click here to see him now) and even Noah Wyle.

Still need more of a '90s fix? Click here to see an epic "Full House" reunion this week, plus see Kelly Kapowski get back into a swimsuit on her 40th birthday.

And see even more TGIF stars Then & Now below!


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