Sorry Seth Cohen fans, but apparently he didn't live happily ever after with Summer Roberts.

Adam Brody just broke every "O.C." fan's heart in a new interview with Nylon magazine, saying he thinks his lovable goofball would have bit the dust by now in real life.

"If I had to predict, I'd say Seth Cohen is dead," he said. "I think he'd be going down to Mexico and probably had a bad car accident. It wasn't any fault of his own, but yeah, knowing what I know now about Seth and his poor decision-making, that's my guess."

Even 10 years after the finale, this revelation stings. But, it at least comes with a Seth Cohen-appropriate silver lining.

"I mean, he's probably hanging out in heaven watching Jimi Hendrix and Lou Reed live. He's probably getting the best concert ever," Brody adds.

While we'll hold onto hope that the rest of our favorite California characters are still alive in Brody's twisted future, check out the gallery above to see what the stars who played them all look like now.

Plus, see what they've been doing since the Fox series went off the air.

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