BubbaLieutenant Dan and Forrest are together again! 

Tom Hanks reunited with his "Forrest Gump" costars on Thursday -- and the guys still seem as close as ever.
In the picture (below), Mykelti Williamson (Bubba), Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan Taylor) and Tom (Forrest Gump) are all smiling for the camera. 

"Hadn't seen these old friends for too long. Hanx," the Oscar winner captioned the fun reunion shot. 

How different does Mykelti look?! We almost didn't recognize him -- and we love the "Captain Phillips" star's hilarious expression. 

It sure is good to see our favorite characters from the beloved drama together again! How do you think they've aged?

Check out Tom's latest snap below, and see the rest of the stars from "Forrest Gump" then and now in the gallery above!

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