Go, go Power Rangers!

Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson and Blue Ranger David Yost reunited this weekend for an epic webcast -- where they sang, played with toy versions of themselves and even revealed some fart-filled memories from the set of the '90s TV show.

Yost popped up as a special guest on Amy's StageIt show on Saturday night, where the actress/singer performed a number of songs for her fans.

And while she belted out quite a few tunes during the almost hour long online show, Yost came equipped with a ton of Power Rangers toys, memorabilia and some little-known anecdotes from behind-the-scenes.

"I always just remember the camaraderie that the original cast had," David revealed. "We had such great chemistry together."

"We used to fart together," interrupted Amy Jo.

"If you look at the opening of the original series, when we all pile up and we land on the floor of Zordon's command center, look at this guy's face, because guess who farted," she continued.

"When he gets out of the pile, look at his face, he didn't like it," Johnson added. "I enjoyed it a lot."

If you've got an hour to kill, check out the full stream below. The gas talk starts around the 45-minute mark.

Since being on the show, Jonson starred on "Felicity" and "Flashpoint," worked as a singer/songwriter and had a daughter with husband Olivier Giner

As for Yost, he says he left the series after being harassed for being gay and later tried "conversion therapy" while in denial about his sexuality. He's definitely more comfortable with himself now and is a regular on the convention center circuit.

What about the rest of the cast? Check out the gallery above to see them all now!

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