Katy Perry isn't one for subtlety.

The singer just released her brand new music video for "Dark Horse" -- and there's nothing dark about it.

Featuring a ton of bright colors, some ancient Egyptian imagery, ridiculous grills, Twinkies and Jiff the Pom, the video is another candy-coated confection from the pop star.

We have a feeling this video could inspire quite a few updated Cleopatra costumes this Halloween. Katy's hair and makeup are both on point, though we could do without the bejeweled teeth.

At one point, the singer is completely naked, covered head-to-toe in silver body paint while a gold snake slithers around her nude body.

The track, featuring Juicy J, is the third single from Katy's latest album, "Prism."

Perry actually performed the song just last night in London, where she once again danced like an Egyptian at the BRIT Awards.

What do you think of the music video? Too much ... or just what you were expecting from Ms. Perry? Sound off below!

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