This sketch is so not "Ew!"

One of our favorite sketches from "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" made the big move to "The Tonight Show" on Thursday, with the host once again dressing up as one of the most unfortunate-looking teenage girls ever, Sara. That's with no H, because H's are "Ew!"

And while Channing Tatum and Lindsay Lohan have joined him in the past, last night he brought out the big guns: Will Ferrell and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Ferrell was hilarious as always, also dressing in drag to play Sara's BFF Stacy, another teen who gets intimate with her new Harry Styles poster.

As for Obama, she played herself, pushing her health initiative on the two young "girls."

We gotta say, just hearing her say "Ew" made this six-minute clip worth it for us.

Jimmy's been having a blockbuster debut week on "The Tonight Show." First, he managed to get a parade of stars to pay him $100 each for his premiere night and had a dance-off with Will Smith ... then Kristen Wiig stopped by do her best Harry Styles impression ... and Wednesday, he played charades with Bradley Cooper, Emma Thompson and Tim McGraw.

We can't wait to see what he does next. Keep the viral videos coming!

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