Jimmy Kimmel is going to be a dad again -- and even he admits it's "disgusting."

The 46-year-old late night host and 35-year-old wife Molly McNearney are expecting their first child together, Jimmy announced during a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

I decided to have the first one with my wife," said Jimmy, who has two kids -- 20-year-old Kevin and 22-year-old Katie -- with his ex-wife Gina.

"We got married in July and you know it’s interesting. It’s disgusting the way babies are made," Kimmel jokes. "There are so many human body parts involved. Did you know there are eggs in us? That's gross just to start with."

And while Kimmel says they'll probably wait to find out the baby's sex, he already has one in mind.

"I like the name Karate. I think Karate Kimmel has a great ring to it," he says. "I like to, you know, the Kardashians with the two K’s thing. You know, it’s nice."

His alternate name is even better -- check out the video above to find out what it is!

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