Every party has a pooper, but it's usually not the person who organized it!

TNT debuted its new series "Private Lives of Nashville Wives" on Monday night, introducing viewers to a new set of TV housewives living it up in Music City, USA.

From former Hooters waitress Cassie Chapman, who is 23 years younger than her Christian music star hubby Gary Chapman, to Sarah Davidson, a singer living in the shadow of famous other-half Dallas Davidson, they're a pretty compelling group.

But in a sneak peek clip from next week's episode, one of them is accused of being a "sponge," someone who sucks the fun out of the group.

See what happens when former "One Life to Live" star Erika Page White, hitched to country artist Bryan White, decides to plan a "girls night out" with the rest of the cast -- one that doesn't go quite as planned.

It's clear that group spitfire Ana Margarita Fernandez and buddy Jenny Terrell were majorly disappointed. 

Check out the clip above to find out why Erika's eventing was such a let down.

And be sure to tune in next Monday night at 10pm on TNT to see what happens next. Let's just say that Ana steals the episode with her antics!

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