Talk about good genes! 

Aside from having supermodel Kate Moss for a half-sister and launching her own modeling career, Lottie Moss is just like any other teen.

In the April issue of Teen Vogue the 16 year-old, who shares a father with Kate, opens up about celebrity crushes, fashion favorites, and her new modeling career.

After discussing her favorite subjects in school – History, English, P.E. – the British teen was quick to gush about her celebrity crush, Justin Bieber.

"He's amazing. Oh, my God, I can't even choose a favorite song!," she told the mag. 

The blonde beauty also opens about her favorite accessory: Scrunchies. "They're really good! I get them at [U.K. fashion store] River Island and vintage places," she exclaimed.

Although the aspiring model was willing to discuss just about anything, the one topic deemed off limits was, of course, her sis.

"Write what you want, but she will not answer any Kate questions," stated Lottie’s management.

While Lottie tried her best to avoid the subject, the topic is somewhat unavoidable. The youngster couldn’t help but mention her supermodel sibling when asked why she decided to model.

"Well, it kind of runs in the family. Kate was a massive part of why I started," she admitted. 

Until recently, Lottie’s parents insisted that she focus on school, but seeing as though she just landed her first modeling gig with Teen Vogue, it looks like they’ve changed their mind. 

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