Seth Rogen likes to smoke ... and tell! 

The actor stopped by Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" with Dave Franco on Tuesday, where he opened up about which big stars he's smoked marijuana with. 

Check out the video above to see his candid confessions!

Can you believe the "Pineapple Express" star has never smoked with James Franco? Or the fact that Franco doesn't even smoke?!

But smoking "dope" wasn't the only hot topic -- Andy Cohen also got Seth to spill about his thoughts on Justin Bieber.  

"In my opinion, Justin Bieber is a piece of s--t," Rogen said. "He seems like he's obnoxious and ungrateful, insincere, and he puts people's lives at danger and overall he acts like a piece of s--t."

Now Seth, tell us how you really feel! 

The Biebs has recently come under fire for his bad attitude during a deposition involving his body guard, and for reckless driving in Miami earlier this year. 

What do you think about the "This Is The End" star's honesty? Tell toofab in the comment section below!

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