Shailene Woodley knows how to make a lasting impression!

The "Divergent" star stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday and brought some of her natural health remedies to share with Jimmy Fallon.

"Every time you come on, I always ask you what new things you're doing. Are you drinking a new tea? What herbs do you have?" the late night host asked. 

The actress then searched through her bag, pulling out raw ginger and garlic. "I figured, it's winter, right? So it's cold and flu season. These are herbs you can find in your grocery store so you can keep your immune system up," she said.

But when it came time for the horseradish root, the 22-year-old whipped out a giant, phallic-shaped root. 

"Have you ever seen the actual root before?" she asked, as Fallon covered his eyes. "This is what horseradish looks like in its root form!"

The host looked very uncomfortable and joked, "I've never seen one this size before. It doesn't look familiar to me at all. Because normally it's grated up, in shrimp cocktail sauce. Shrimp, I'm very familiar with. Almost too familiar with shrimp."

We love that Shailene made Jimmy squirm -- check out the hilarious clip above!

What do you think of her "Tonight Show" antics? Tell toofab in the comment section, and click "Launch Gallery' below to see Woodley's Teen Vogue cover shoot.  


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