Madonna has gone from Queen of Pop to Mother of Dragons!

The superstar shared a couple photos from her Purim celebrations over the weekend on Facebook, showing her all dressed up as everyone's favorite "Game of Thrones" character,Daenerys Targaryen.

Dressed with a leather corset top, one amazing blonde wig and a pair of mini-fire breathing dragons on her shoulders the 55-year-old singer looked pretty great dressed as her much younger "GoT" counterpart.

The Jewish holiday of Purim is celebrated annually with costumes and parties and commemorates the deliverance of Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire. Madonna, as we all know, has been a devout Kabbalah follower since 1997.

She later shared another photos from her bash, showing her posing next to someone dressed as a very creepy Jesus Christ.

In the past, Madge has dressed as a nun, flapper, Charlie Chaplin and Bettie Page for the holiday -- but we think this may be her best costume yet.

How do you think she did? Sound off below!

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