Kristin Cavallari
is a true style maven!

"The Hills" alum has teamed up with "Fashion Stars'" Orly Shani to host E!'s new television series, "The Fabulist."

Each week, the reality television star and her fashion designer co-host will be joined by a panel of tastemakers who will give the inside scoop on everything from food and fashion to interior and runway design.

toofab's Rachel Hoffman caught up with the fashionable duo to chat about everything from their Spring must-haves to Kristin's pregnancy cravings.

toofab: What are your favorite Spring style trends? 

Kristin: Spring is all about white-on-white, which I absolutely love. Unfortunately, Spring for me will probably be breast feeding and sitting on the couch! My pastels and whites will probably have to stay away for another year.

Orly: I love pastels – I love mixing different shades of pastel to create a head-to-toe tonal look. It also allows you to play with separates. The more separates you can keep in your closet, the more bang for your buck. So, get a really great pastel separates and you can pair them together for a really crisp look. Or you can wear them separately as the trend goes out of style.

toofab: How would each of you describe your style?

Kristin: Effortless and chic

Orly: I’m a little undone and rough. I like a lot of sex appeal but in a more roughed up way.

toofab: What are your five clothing staples?

Kristin: A great pair of jeans; black heels, nude heels, little black dress, black blazer – you can wear it year round, and black never goes out of style

Orly: Leather jacket – is my number one; it lasts forever and never goes out of style; a pair of cool flat boots that you can wear to look like you have a look going on; a white t-shirt that looks sexy and effortless, that you can dress up or down; distressed denim – I never seem to not want that; a great pair of heels that look good but you can wear them all day.

toofab: Kristin, how has your style changed since your days on "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills?"

Kristin: On 'Laguna Beach,' I had no sense of style! I wore jean skirts, platform flip flips and a black choker that I never took off. I wasn’t aware of fashion in high school. Then, I graduated high school and moved up to LA and got thrown into Hollywood, where I worked with stylists on photo shoots and had more access to clothes.

My first time filming "The Hills," I dressed very casually and everyone else came done up to the nines! I said, ‘Wow, I better step up my game!’ I started putting a lot of effort into my outfits, and I had fun with it. Now, I love fashion and I’m really into it. Ten years ago, I couldn’t care less.

toofab: Do you keep in touch with anyone from "The Hills?"

Kristin: I talk to Heidi a lot. I also keep in touch with Stephanie and Audrina.

toofab: How has your pregnancy been the second time around? Any weird cravings?

Kristin: It’s exactly the same! I’m the most boring pregnant woman. I crave sweets, but it’s no different than when I’m not pregnant. I have a sweet tooth anyway! I’m just counting down the days – I’m just ready to have the baby. The first time, you don’t really know what to expect, you’re really anxious and excited. But, now, I’m ready to get him here!

toofab: Are you planning to have more kids?

Kristin: Maybe, I think we’ll probably have another one, but I want to take a break.

toofab: You look amazing, how do you stay in such great shape while pregnant?

Kristin: I still work out, not as hard or as often, but I’m active. I try to do it 3 to 4 times a week. I’ve really been focusing on my legs and my butt. I’m a really healthy eater in general, and I think that’s what helps me the most.

toofab: What can we expect to see on "The Fabulist?"

Orly: You’re going to expect to see a really fun, fast-paced, high energy, sexy show. We have great guest panelists with a really distinct and hilarious point of view. It’s very informative! The half hour flies by in a heart beat. At the end, you have your eye on trends you didn’t even notice before!

Kristin: We talk about trends that aren’t just in fashion and beauty. We talk about any kind of trends, whether it’s food, travel – therefore, guys will enjoy it as well.

Watch "The Fabulist" premiere on March 17 at 8:30/7:30c on E!

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