Warning: This video is semi-NSFW ... and very, very sexy.

Talk about too hot to handle! 

Kylie Minogue just dropped her brand new video for "Sexercize" and it's pretty ridiculous. From recreating various sex positions to flaunting her amazing figure in a nude body suit, the 45-year-old leaves very little to the imagination. 

We gotta hand it to the Australian pop star though -- she's definitely still got it. The song is pretty catchy too, and sounds way different than Minogue's usual stuff. 

The song is the second single from her brand new album, "Kiss Me Once."

Between the leotard and explicit content, it seems like Kylie may be taking a few pages out of Madonna's playbook though, right?

What do you think about the blonde beauty's new video? Is she trying too hard ... or is it just right?


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