When she's not making people cry with her ASPCA commercials, Sarah McLachlan has apparently been hitting the gym!

The 46-year-old singer shared some photos from a trip to Hawaii with her two children over the weekend, where she showed off her impressive stomach in a bikini top. 

While enjoying her time in Waikiki, McLachlan was seen surfing with daughter Taja.

Look, it's not like we thought McLachlan wasn't in shape ... we just don't really think about her beach bod at all in the first place.

Apparently she's no stranger to the bikini selfie either.

Back in January, she shared another photo of her in a cute two-piece while paddle boarding in yet another tropical locale. 

Looking good!

Check out the gallery above to see more celebs who've already hit the beach this year. Warning: They're not all as impressive as Sarah.

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