Lindsay Lohan is really ticked about the end of "How I Met Your Mother."

And she's venting her frustrations by totally annihilating a poor, defenseless car with a giant sledgehammer in a new segment for the hilarious Fuse TV show "Billy on the Street."

"It's actually my favorite show," Lohan says of the CBS sitcom, which ends next week, in the clip. "I'm really f**king pissed, it's too soon."

Then LiLo and Billy Eichner go nuts on a station wagon covered with the "HIMYM" cast's faces, screaming random things like "I should have done this to 'Herbie Fully Loaded' when he abandoned me" and "I worked with Lily f**king Tomlin!"

Watch the ridiculously entertaining video above.

This isn't the only "HIMYM"-centric segment of the new "Billy."

Neil Patrick Harris also swings by to ask random strangers what they think about the show ending ... with reactions ranging from disappointment and surprise to "Good!"

The new episode airs tonight on Fuse.

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