Talk about a unique pairing! 

"The Voice" costars Shakira and Blake Shelton have teamed up for a brand new country(?) duet, "Medicine."

The song has just been released as the latest single from Shakira's new self-titled album. Check out the Colombian singer and the country crooner's duet of "Medicine" above! 

"I told him [Blake] I wanted to work with Nashville people," the pop star tells Billboard Magazine. "I was a little tired of L.A. I wanted people with another point of view, real people with roots with whom I feel comfortable working in the same room. And I told Blake I wanted to do a song that had the narrative of a country song, that was picturesque, that was a real song. But it also needed to suit me, because after all, I’m Colombian."

"When I wrote the song I didn’t know what direction to go in and I did like eight versions. Dance, pop … but I said no, this is a country song," Shakira adds. 

Well, Shelton not only decided to help the blonde beauty with her country-esque track but he lent his vocals to the song, too! 

"I think she did a hell of a job," Shelton reveals. "One thing is for someone like her to say she’s going to do something and another is to do it." 

"And I’ll be damned, a month and a half ago she wrote me and said, ‘I wrote the song, and I want you to tell me what you think.’ And I said, ‘Gosh dang, you did exactly what you said you’d do. It sounds like a hit song." he explains. 

Well, it definitely seems like the song will be pretty popular -- but is it a country tune? We're not sure if it falls under that category. Do you think their new single sounds country? Sound off below!


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