First she thought she was too big ... then everyone else thought she was too small ... but now, she's just right!

"The Biggest Loser" winner Rachel Frederickson shocked everyone by losing 155 pounds during her time on the show, making many believe she had dropped way too much weight just to win a competition.

"I appreciate all the concern and I can see where it comes from," the 24-year-old said shortly after her win.

Flash forward two months, and Rachel now says she's at her "perfect weight," after gaining 20 pounds.

"It started a discussion about body image. That's huge," she now tells Us Weekly of all attention her weight loss attracted. She says that she still has monthly phone calls with the show's psychologist regularly speaks with a nutritionist about what foods to buy at the store.

Frederickson posted a new photo of herself on Monday night wearing a Minnesota Wild jersey -- and you can clearly see her face is definitely fuller when compared to how she looked back in February.

Glad to hear she's in a happy and healthier place now!


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