0414_efron_launch Calm down ladies, Zac Efron's most likely still on the market! 

The sexy star brought a mystery woman as his date to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday ... which had fans wondering who this lucky lady could be. 

Well, we did some digging ... and it looks like it's strictly business.

Zac's date was his social media manager, LaQuishe Wright, who updates and posts to the "Neighbors" star's various profiles.  

Wright also represents stars like Channing Tatum on their own respective social networks. 

Even though LaQuishe accompanied Efron to the awards show, we're guessing it was just a professional commitment ... as she's a married woman. Wright has also attended movie premieres with Channing to help update fans about his activities on Twitter and Facebook

She's definitely got one awesome job, though. 

"A lot of celebrities have an aversion to Twitter, and I get it -- they're scheduled every four minutes of their life, and they don't want to have to worry about it," Wright told the Los Angeles Times about her gig last year.

"But if you have a great social presence, that is a 100% benefit. Fans are more prone to go see Channing Tatum's movie if he's telling them about it -- not a studio. And Hollywood is paying attention to that now," she added. 

Well, there are definitely some serious perks that come with LaQuishe's job! 

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