No one is safe from Cameron Diaz's pranks -- not even babies!

"The Other Woman" star stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday, where the actress and Jimmy Fallon reminisced about the time she played a joke on his baby Winnie.

"You put her hand in a cup of warm water," the late night host said, "and it's not funny 'cause she peed her diaper! It was embarrassing!"

"That's what happens if you fall asleep first at the party," Cameron quipped. "She fell asleep first—this is a right of passage!"

But, little Winnie will be in good company soon! Diaz plans to prank BFF Drew Barrymore's baby girl Frankie when she meets her.

"I'm gonna initiate her," the blonde beauty said. "She's getting jumped in! We're gonna do the same thing."

Watch the clip above to hear how Cameron helped coach Barrymore before the baby came into the world!

The hilarious duo also played a wild game called Roller Golf, where they mixed miniature golf and roller derby. Check out the video below to see who won, and click "Launch Gallery" above to see Cameron Diaz through the years.

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