Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Well, that didn't take long.

While the books took some time to reveal the culprits behind King Joffrey's death, "Game of Thrones" the TV show cut to the chase and let us all know which of his many, many enemies poisoned the evil teen.

And, surprise surprise, Cersei was wrong ... it's NOT Tyrion.

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Littlefinger had Sansa Stark unknowingly bring the poison into the wedding festivities via one of the stones of her necklace, which he had the fool give her earlier this season.

Petyr Baelish says he did it to help out some "new friends," friends who turned out to be the Tyrells. 

Like Sansa, Margaery Tyrell had no clue what was going on -- but her grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell, played a major role in getting the stone into Joffrey's wine. Just how she pulled it off is still unknown.

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So ... why did they do it?

It's clear nobody wanted the crazy King Joffrey ruling everything, and poor little Tommen is much easier to manipulate. Olenna suggested the Margaery lock it down with the tween -- prompting Joffrey's widow to sneak into Tommen's room in the middle of the night for a little pillow talk.

It was a hilarious scene, from the young boy's terrified face to his adorable cat, Ser Pounce

Looks like Ms. Tyrell will do whatever it takes to stay in King's Landing!

So, there we have it. Are you satisfied with Joffrey's killer? Sound off below!

Tonight's other big moment came at the very end of the episode -- with the series veering into uncharted territory by giving us some insight into the White Walkers.
We finally get to see what happens to Craster's babies after they're left in the woods. While we all kind of assumed the White Walkers just ate the newborns, that's just not the case.

Instead, we see one of the old, wrinkly Walkers bringing the kid to an altar of ice, where another icy creature touches the baby's face -- turning his eyes and skin blue. 

Are these guys a new breed of White Walkers? Is this how baby White Walkers are made? And are they creating an army?

The great thing about all these questions: Nobody knows the answers yet! 

For once, fans of the books and those who have only watched the show are on the exact same page, as this hasn't been explored in George R.R. Martin's five novels. 

We can't wait to see where this goes. Tell us some of your theories in the comments below!

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