Mama Joyce Weight Loss
Stress does a body good!

Kandi Burruss' outspoken mother, Mama Joyce, stopped by Part II of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion last night -- and she looked great.

EXCLUSIVE: Mama Joyce Getting Another Reality Show?

The reality TV star revealed she lost 40 pounds from "stress," and showed off her weight loss in a tight, bright pink dress. We're guessing she actually dieted for Kandi's recent wedding, whether she cares for her daughter's husband Todd Tucker or not.

EXCLUSIVE: Mama Joyce Reveals Kandi's Prenup Drama

Once again, Joyce stole the spotlight with her signature brand of crazy, fielding questions from Andy Cohen about fighting, Kandi's boyfriends, and her new in-laws calling her a "bitch."

After last week's crazy brawl, it was nice to see Mama Joyce stop by and break up the tension between all the women a bit.

How do you think she looks post-weight loss? Sound off below!

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