While the rest of the stars of "Saved By the Bell" have done a pretty good job staying in the spotlight, the same can't be said of Lark Voorhies.

Lark, who played Lisa Turtle on the classic sitcom, has kept a low profile over the last few years -- popping up occasionally for a bizarre photo op or TV interview and then vanishing again.

The actress reappeared over the weekend in Los Angeles, where she was spotted leaving the premiere of "Where We Started" in Hollywood.

Voorhies made headlines in 2012 after a strange interview with People magazine, where she was described as "mumbling to herself or to others who weren't there." Her mother also claimed she was bi-polar, but Lark denied it.

While we won't post some of the extremely unkind things said about the 40-year-old's appearance on Twitter this weekend, we're happy to see her at least looking happy at the event.

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