The Atwood brothers, together again!

Benjamin McKenzie and Logan Marshall-Green, who costarred as Ryan and Trey Atwood on "The O.C.", had a family reunion last month to celebrate the birth of Logan's baby boy, Tennessee.

Logan shared a photo of the two of them and friend Joaquin Torres a week ago, showing the three of them posing with Marshall-Green's adorable little guy. 

The baby is the first for the actor and Diane Gaeta, who also has a son with the late Johnny Lewis. FYI: Lewis also appeared on Season Three of the primetime soap too and later starred on "Sons of Anarchy" ... before killing his landlady in 2012 and then falling to his death off the roof of his home.

We recently asked Ben about possibly doing an official "O.C." reunion -- and let's just say he didn't sound too hopeful. 

McKenzie's a little busy now anyway. He'll be playing Commissioner Gordon on Fox's "Gotham" this fall.

Check out the gallery above to see what happened to the rest of the cast of the prime time soap ... and how much they've changed through the years.

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