We're about to learn a lot more than we ever wanted to know about Tori Spelling's sex life.

In an explosive new clip from her reality show "True Tori," Dean McDermott tries to explain why he had an affair while promoting "Chopped: Canada" in Toronto over the holidays -- saying he and his wife weren't "intimate" the night before he left.

"I was feeling like, you're not going to be intimate with me, I'll find somebody who wants me," he says. "I was 250 pounds, I felt like s**t and I needed some validation."

But Tori ain't having it -- and starts unloading on her husband, saying he's totally full of it.

"Two weekends in a row, we did things we had never done before because you wanted it, you kept wanting to raise the bar," Spelling screams at him.

Despite the incredibly rocky ground they're on during the show, things seem a little better now. The two were seen kissing each other goodbye at the airport this weekend, following an anniversary where Dean gave her a pricey piece of jewelry.

Of course, McDermott cheated the last time he left his family ... so be prepared to see Tori's trust issues come back up when that episode of their show airs.

"True Tori" airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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