This might be the best thing you see all day! 

Fuse's Billy on the Street caught up with Drew Barrymore in New York to play a little game called "Would Drew Barrymore Like That?"

Here's the catch: Drew had to answer based on Billy's subjective opinion of what she would like and dislike.

Check out the video above!

We love how great of a sport the "Blended" star was -- some of those questions were pretty hilarious!

Side note: How great does the 39-year-old look for giving birth just a month ago?! We think the "50 First Dates" star looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g. 

This isn't the first time Billy's played the game "Would Drew Barrymore Like That?" -- check out the video below to see how Will Ferrell did when he answered questions about the actress!

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