Don't mess with Harry Styles!

Weeks after dropping his pants on stage at a One Direction concert, the boy bander played a prank on Piers Morgan during a charity soccer tournament Monday, pulling down the former CNN host's pants and exposing his underwear.

If the moment wasn't embarrassing enough for Morgan, someone caught it all on camera, and a Vine video is making the rounds online today. 

Morgan took his underwear exposure in stride though, even getting in on the fun later on Twitter, retweeting the video that captured the moment.

The singer was on hand to support Morgan and his bandmate's Niall Horan's charity football challenge, which raised money for Irish Autism Auction, a national information service for families affected by autism.

As for who won the match-up, Morgan got his revenge when he beat Horan's team, which included Styles. He shared a snapshot with Harry after the game, so it seems all has been forgiven.

What do you think of Harry's prank? Sound off!

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