Jersey Shore Ronnie Magro Weight Loss
All that partying finally caught up with "Jersey Shore" star Ronnie Margo

Ronnie posted a before and after picture via Instagram on Wednesday showing off his impressive body transformation from just four weeks ago.

"I really let myself go after I got sick last year. It's been a long road. I am nowhere I want to be shape wise, but i feel better than i ever did. #DietingIsKEY #CardioSavedMyGoodYearTire #TransformationThursday #letTheAbuseBegin #WowYouGotFatAsFk #AllThatDrinkingAtTheShore #DoIneedToLookLikeICarryLugguageForALiving #ItFeelsGoodToWipeMyOwnAss," he posted with the pic. 

While the reality star has always been pretty buff, it's clear he put on some extra weight last year, as he looks a little beefier in the shot on the left. 

But, the 28-year-old has been hitting the gym pretty hard (and waxing his chest), can you believe those abs he has now, just a month after the first picture was taken?! 

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