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Kendall and Kylie Jenner were both on "Good Morning America" to promote their new book -- but talk quickly turned to everything but their novel.

Right off the bat, Amy Robach changed topics to Kim Kardashian's big European wedding.

"Honestly, everything was amazing," Kendall said of her sister's extravagant ceremony at a fort in Florence, Italy on May 24. "And to see two people so happy, I think that was probably my favorite part."

"The whole wedding was just filled with so much love," added Kylie. "It was just really amazing to watch that." 

Robach quickly asked about their brother Rob Kardashian, who reportedly left Europe before the nuptials because he reportedly felt too out of shape to pose in the family's wedding photos. 

The girls didn't get specific, but Kendall said that her bro is "doing' really well, he's fine."

They then got to finally plug their new sci-fi book, "Rebels: City of Indra," which they admit they "had some help" writing.

Now that she's back from her honeymoon, Kim has returned to Twitter as well -- tweeting about her wedding and subsequent trip to Ireland.


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