Emily Blunt got into minor accident with a major movie star!

The "Edge of Tomorrow" star stopped by the set of "Conan" on Wednesday, where she opened up about how she nearly killed her costar, Tom Cruise, while filming their new action flick.

The 31-year-old admitted that while shooting a stunt-driving scene with Cruise, the actor annoyed her with his backseat driving, so she ignored him when he suggested that they slow down.

"I hear him going, 'Brake, brake, brake! Em, brake the car! Brake the car! Oh, God! Oh, God! Em, brake the car!" she recalled.

Despite lots of warnings from the leading man, Blunt didn’t stop the car in time and drove the daring duo right into a tree.

"I [pressed the brake] too late and so drove us into a tree … and I almost killed Tom Cruise," Blunt confessed. "Initially, in my head, I was thinking when I first heard him say ‘brake,’ in my head I went, ‘Oh, shut up!’ As if I thought I knew more about stunt driving than Tom Cruise, but I was obviously like, ‘he knows nothing, I’ve got this.'" 

Aside from Emily’s pride, neither actor was injured in the crash.

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