Nothing like a little friendly competition.

Jimmy Fallon challenged Channing Tatum to an arm wrestling match during the "Tonight Show" on Friday -- and the battle of the braun was fierce!

"I know you're a strong dude. I've seen "Magic Mike" 12 times. But I bet I can take you in an arm wrestle," Fallon said. "I'm serious. I've been working out a lot lately -- Curves gym." 

The two men than made their way to a wooden table to compete, rambling off several things they would do if they won.

"After I win, I'm gonna go get my hair did and hit up Applebee's because you know tonight is girls night out," Tatum joked.

Meanwhile, Fallon wanted to travel after his big win. "After I win, I'm going to stuff myself in a duffel bag so only my head is sticking out. Then ride around an airport carousel and yell, 'A little help!'"

They were just getting started -- watch the hilarious video above to see who won! 

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