This is what happens when you can't make it to a reunion.

Neither Emily Vancamp or Chris Pratt could attend this weekend's big "Everwood" reunion at the ATX Television Fesitval, but that didn't stop the cast from talking about them behind their backs!

Costars Gregory Smith, Tom Amandes, Sarah Drew, Debra Mooney, Stephanie Niznik, Vivien Cardone and John Beasley all got together in Austin on Saturday, along with show creator Greg Berlanti and writers David Hudgins and Rina Mimoun -- see all the photos above!

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From shocking post-show transformations to hilarious tales of Pratt's hijinks on set, check out the 7 things you probably never knew about the beloved WB series.

1.) Chris Pratt Screams Like a Little Girl

It seems like everyone in the cast had a story about Chris Pratt.

The actor, who was busy filming "Jurassic World" but briefly Facetimed into the panel, was apparently very prone to accidents, got kicked out of a Las Vegas casino and is very afraid of snakes -- just watch the video above.

It's clear he knew how to make people laugh then ... and continues to do so now.

2.) Dancing on Set Is Dangerous

Pratt wasn't the only one who got hurt during the show's run. Sarah Drew told one story about how Emily VanCamp got injured while the two were simply dancing around backstage.

We would kill to see video of those two getting down on set!

3.) Little Delia Brown Is All Grown Up!

The most shocking moment of the reunion for some fans was seeing actress Vivien Cardone, who wasn't even 10 when the show started, take shots with her costars on stage.

That's right: Delia Brown is now old enough to drink.

The actress told toofab's Brian Particelli about growing up on set -- while costar Stephanie Niznik revealed she didn't even recognize her so many years later.

Check out the video:

4.) Vivien Also Knew How to Make Money

"I invented the swear jar," she revealed. "They actually stuck with it We had a certain amount of money for bad words and after a certain amount of time we would pool the money together, buy something nice and do something fun."

So, who was the worst offender? "Treat [Williams] put the most in probably."

5.) The Show ALMOST Had a Fifth Season

Writer Rina Mimoun revealed that, at one point, it seemed like The WB/CW was going to pick up "Everwood" for a fifth season -- but "7th Heaven" ruined everything.

The latter was supposed to end in 2006 and even aired a series finale. But the episode performed so well, the suits decided to posthumously renew the series, essentially leaving "Everwood" dead in the water.

Tom Amandes also surprisingly revealed that he never watched the finale.

6.)  "Everwood" Is a Powerful Teaching Tool

A very adult Gregory Smith spoke about how he was surprised to see how international the series had become, as fans approached him in South America and called him by his character's name.

But that wasn't even the most shocking aspect of his conversation with those fans -- see what else he added above. 

7.) Chris Pratt Loved Food

Pratt apparently developed quite the reputation for his appetite.

Greg Berlanti revealed the actor would "eat every plate that would come to him" on set -- while Stephanie said he "had like 4 or 5 Thanksgiving dinners" during filming. "And then he would complain that his stomach was hurting after," Sarah Drew added.

He was also quite the hunter. Drew also revealed he gave her a "freshly killed piece of elk loin" for her birthday one year. How thoughtful, right? 

Check out the gallery above to see how much the stars have all changed since the show's 2002 debut. Some of the transformations are pretty surprising! 

Plus, check out our Instagram video of the cast from the photbooth at the Netflix Lounge -- they definitely still have a great time together.

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