Lilly Tomlin is slamming Queen Bey! 

The 74-year-old actress was recently asked by Pride Source what she thought of Beyonce as a "modern-day feminist" -- and her answer was less than complimentary.   

"She's selling a lot of sex to teeny-boppers," she explained. 

When reporter Chris Azzopardi mentioned Bey's massive fan base, the comedienne quickly softened her stance on the sexy pop star.

"Oh, s--t," Lilly said. "I like her! I don't dislike her! But I don't pay any attention to that because—I mean, she's fantastically beautiful and dances, but, you know, it's very suggestive. If I was a 10-year-old, I would try to emulate her like most 10-year-olds do."

"I'm familiar with her image and how incredibly vivacious and sexual she is to watch, so I just chalk it up to the culture," she added. "I don't pay any attention to it anymore ... The culture is so sexualized with girls and women."

Tomlin seems more dissatisfied with the culture of music, than with Beyonce specifically. "If you played her songs, I wouldn’t necessarily recognize them," she admitted.

Seems like Lilly might be backtracking!

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