She's almost a Material Woman.

Madonna's 17-year-old daughter Lourdes "Lola" Leon is graduating high school later this month -- and, in a blog post that makes us all feel ancient, is reflecting on her teen years ahead of commencement.

"I feel like High School Graduation is something I’ve been talking about forever and now its finally here," she writes on the Material Girl Collection website. "I was so excited about 'being done with school' and now that I’m actually done I’m like clammy and sweating and nervous."

"Knowing that I’ m going to have to wake myself up for class, and not someone banging vigorously at my door for 5 full minutes, relieves me and worries me a little," she continues.

"I know that I was lucky enough to go to a truly exceptional High School that produces high quality shows and actually teaches you the craft of what you’re studying," she adds. "Of course I’ll miss the friends that I’ve made and the family that makes up the drama department, but it’s really beautiful to be able to see all of the people I dearly love and care for, people that I grew up with for four years, go on and pursue their passions, whatever they may be, and find their place."

No word yet on what the Queen of Pop's daughter will be doing after graduation, but considering she's already got a fashion line with her mother and what seems like a good head on her shoulders, we're sure she'll be fine wherever she ends up.

Can you believe she's turning 18 in October?!? Time flies -- check out her amazing transformation through the years in the gallery below.


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