The Kardashians just keep trying to one-up each other!
First Kim Kardashian put her bikini bod on display ... then mom Kris Jenner followed suit ... the next day, Kylie Jenner joined in ... and then last night, Kendall Jenner wore one of the most revealing dresses ever.

Well, now it's apparently Kim's turn again, because look at what she was wearing on Monday in NYC.

With some big hair, heavy makeup and a top that put her ample cleavage on display, it looks like Kimmy was coming from a photo shoot as she went out to dinner with sister Kourtney Kardashian.

Is it just us, or does it kind of look like North West's mama is getting style tips from Elvira? The boobs, the big hair and heavy blue eye makeup, they all scream Mistress of the Dark to us!

What do you think of Kim's latest look? Sound off in the gallery below.

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