Lena Headey channeled her "Game of Thrones" character, Cersei, to trade insults with Jimmy Kimmel!

The actress stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday to battle it out with the late night host in a hilarious drunken insult war.

"No one drinks a goblet of wine like you do on 'Game of Thrones,'" Kimmel said before pulling out a decanter of wine and two goblets.

Headey started the shade-throwing session with, "That's a lovely tie. It's such a shame it's around a worthless neck." 

"Thank you for coming today, I know you have a busy schedule doing sex with your brother. It must be exhausting," Jimmy said as he drank his wine, referring to her character's incestuous relationship on the HBO series.

"So, you host a television program, how fun," she responded. "You should enjoy it while it lasts."

"You know, you're so good on the show," Kimmel said. "Is it a challenge to play Cersei or [do] you just naturally suck the life out of every room you enter?"


The British beauty recently caught some flack after she posted photos on Instagram that some "GOT" fans saw as potential spoilers.

Headey shared a pic where she's pressing her thumbs against the eyes of Pedro Pascal, who played the now-deceased Oberyn Martell.

As Jimmy pointed out, the photo was very similiar to how Oberyn actually ended up dying in the fight with The Mountain.

When Kimmel asked Lena if she had to get clearance to post ther snap, Lena defiantly said: "No".

And she insisted those who worked on the show weren't upset by the spoiler either. "They haven’t said so. Maybe, I’ll die this year," she joked.

Lena clearly isn't fazed by the backlash. She even rocked a T-shirt that said, "I'm Not Sorry," on Kimmel. We love her!

Check out the video above to see Headey and Kimmel's word war, and click "Launch Gallery" below to see the "Game of Thrones" cast transformations.


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