Remember this little guy? Well, he's "Big" now!

Both Dylan and Cole Sprouse played the adorable Julian "Frankenstein" McGrath back in 1999's "Big Daddy," which came out 15 years ago today.

The flick was one of the last Adam Sandler movies we actually enjoyed and was a box office hit at the time, coming in at #1 opening weekend. The movie -- about a bachelor who finds himself taking care of his friend's illegitimate son -- won a People's Choice Award for Best Comedy, but was also the first of Sandler's films to be nominated for a Worst Picture Razzie. Eeek!

While most of Adam's costars went on to appear in almost all of his future films, it's the Sprouse twins who have changed the most through the years.

Just children at the time of the film's release, they went on to star on two Disney sitcoms before putting acting on the back-burner to attend college. With the exception of Dylan's nude photo scandal last year, the twins have transitioned from child stars to mature adults without causing too much trouble -- something that rarely happens in Hollywood.
To celebrate the film's 15th anniversary, check out the gallery above to see what "Frankenstein" looks like these days -- plus, find out which costar had a very public affair!

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