Demi Lovato is flaunting her killer curves!

Sporting a sports bra, black track pants and a sheer jacket, the 21-year-old singer is showing off her toned tummy in the newly-released cover art for her latest single, "Really Don’t Care."

The rock anthem has quickly become a fan favorite, thanks to its strong message. The former "X Factor" judge says she likes it’s dual meaning.

"Whether its a break-up song or it’s just saying that you really don’t care what other people think, I think it’s an anthem for people," Demi said on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest." "It’s something that everyone can relate to, whether you’ve been bullied or you’re going through a bad breakup."

The brunette beauty recently released the music video for the track, which features a number of celebrity cameos, including Demi's boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama!

The pop star cozies up to the "That '70s Show" alum in a quick scene in the clip, which was filmed during the Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles.

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, "The Vampire Diaries'" Kat Graham and "Bridegroom's" Shane Bitney Cone also make an appearance in the LGBT-friendly clip.

"When I originally wrote it, it was a breakup song," Lovato told E! News. "But now I have sung it so many times that it kind of no longer has a significance in that sort of way."

"When I sing it, I always want to inspire and empower. I thought what other people could relate to really not caring what people think," she added. "I thought of bullies and the LGBT community who are constantly scrutinized. What better place is there than L.A. Pride to celebrate who you are and not really caring what people think?"

Gotta love Demi for taking a stand!

Check out the video below, and click "Launch Gallery" above to see more stars showing skin. 

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