Danica McKellar has some wonderful news!

"The Wonder Years" star is engaged to her boyfriend Scott, and she took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off her new diamond ring.

"So...can you guess what my big news is??" she wrote along with a cute selfie.

Danica followed that up with the tweet, writing, "Yep, my amazing boyfriend Scott & I are engaged!! (He's the one @iamvalc did a shout out to on #DWTS) :) Hugs to you all!"

The newly-engaged star reunited with her TV family on "Good Morning America" Tuesday, where the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant opened up about her first onscreen -- and offscreen -- kiss with costar Fred Savage.

"The one good thing about getting your first kiss on camera is that you know for sure it’s going to happen," Danica said of the buildup to the televised smooch.

"It was terrifying, we were both scared and nervous," Fred added. "But all that stuff was very real and all those things that happened on the show, all grew out of something very real that was going on between us or in our lives."

The full series of "The Wonder Years" will be available on DVD with all the original music this fall.

Danica has a lot to celebrate -- congrats!

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