Emma Stone
believes in the supernatural!

The "Amazing Spider-Man" star stopped by the "Late Show" on Wednesday, to chat with David Letterman about her personal experience with ghosts.

Check out the video above to see why Emma believes that her grandfather haunts her!

Apparently, Stone's grandfather leaves her little signs that he's still around -- and she's convinced that it has to be him.

"It's him," she exclaimed. "It's absolutely him."

The "Superbad" red-headed beauty says her grandad leaves her quarters, because he always had a strange fascination with pocket change.

"This is your late grandfather, and you find a quarter, 'Oh, I bet that's from granddad?,'" Letterman tried to clarify.

"Yes," Stone explained. "Who I never met! It's exactly like that. It's that. It's such a long story that you'd have to go to commercial five times and roll to a clip and then come back and I'd still be telling the story. But it's him! You guys, it's him."

Well, she's not the only star who believes in the unexplainable -- Demi Lovato also recently admitted that she believes in aliens and mermaids.

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