Hall H
exploded on Saturday evening with the rock stars of Marvel. With appearances from the stars of “Ant-Man,” the entire cast of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and Josh Brolin from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the fans were more than happy — especially when it came time to show footage from their upcoming slate.

Over 4 minutes of “Avengers” was shown and while we weren’t lucky enough to get into Hall H, we did manage to score an invitation to the film’s Samsung Galaxy headquarters at the Hard Rock Hotel — where we previewed the footage on the new Galaxy Tab S.

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Here’s a breakdown of what we saw:

The clip opens with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye and Rhodey throwing back some drinks in what looks like a newly refurbished Stark Tower.

The entire group then decides to see if they can lift Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. First up is Tony, who can’t lift it, even with the help of his Iron Man arm and Rhodey. Hawkeye and Bruce don’t fare any better — though maybe if Banner had gone green, he’d have more luck.

Cap gets the closest, only slightly moving it. While he doesn’t get close to actually lifting the god’s weapon of choice, it’s clear Thor is a little nervous when he sees if shift.

Black Widow knows better and opts out entirely.

It’s all fine and dandy, until Ultron comes creeping out of the darkness, looking like a nightmarish "Terminator" with the incredibly menacing voice of James Spader. It’s an unnerving sight — and the Avengers are all taken aback as the robot threatens their lives.

What follows is one pretty incredible montage, which includes shots Black Widow’s new electronically charged catsuit, The Hulk facing off against the Stark's Hulkbuster armor, Loki’s scepter and the return of Nick Fury (and his eye patch). We also see quite a bit of Scarlet Witch, who screams, shows off her kinetic powers and has some freaky glowing red eyes. Her brother, Quicksilver, is featured as well — and so are his lightning-fast movements.

The entire trailer is set to the creepiest version of “I've Got No Strings” from Pinocchio that you’ll ever hear, and ends with Ultron completing the lyrics with an unnerving “There are no strings on me.” It also looks like he’s upgraded his armor from when we last saw him in the opening.

But it’s the final shot that really packs a punch: We see Tony on a deserted planet, surrounded by the bodies of all of his friends.

Got questions? So do we! Keep reading for our 5 biggest head-scratchers after watching the trailer!

Where’s Pepper … And Who’s The New Girl?

It looks like Tony’s #1 girl wasn’t invited to his party with the super friends at the beginning of the footage, despite the two ending “Iron Man 3” very much together. Instead, we see another woman lurking in the background, played by Kim Soo Hyun. Though her role hasn’t been revealed just yet, she's already pretty chummy with the Avengers.

Director Joss Whedon said there would be four substantial female characters in the film — and, in addition to Natasha, Agent Hill and the Witch, it seems like Kim could be #4.

Why Are Hulk and Iron Man at War?

Seeing Hulk take on the Hulkbuster armor is pretty incredible to see — but why are they fighting again? Is Tony simply trying to stop Hulk from some unnecessary destruction or is there something bigger going on between the two?

Who Are the Wonder Twins Fighting For?

With Ultron as the main villain for the movie, is it safe to assume Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be joining up with the Avengers … or aiding the Big Bad in a battle against them?

Are ALL the Avengers Going to Die?!

While the last shot makes it look like everyone but Tony is gonzo, there’s no way they’d clean house that quickly. Our guess: Scarlet Witch is getting inside his head, showing him a version of the future that could happen.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re all safe either. Eventually, some of these superheroes are going to bite the dust, right?

And, Most Importantly, When Will YOU Get to See the Video?

Honestly, we don’t know. Marvel is notorious for giving Comic-Con fans a long lead on their material. It’s entirely possible you may not see some of these footage until next year … or, pieces of it could pop up in an end-credits sequence for “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which hits theaters on August 1.

Stay tuned!


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