Another Sunday night, another batch of crazy antics from the Kardashians.

Tonight's episode continued the family's trip to Thailand, where Kim Kardashian has been seen taking half-naked selfie after half-naked selfie to put in a special book for Kanye West.

And now, she's upped her game by hitting the beach in one of the most ridiculous bikinis she's ever worn. Just look at that booty, which Brandon Jenner's wife Leah admits she's envious of in the clip below.

At one point during her risque photo shoot, the reality star exclaimed "my literal vagina is hanging out." Way to keep it classy, Kim!

Later in the episode, Brody Jenner had some 'splaining to do after saying he got a "half-chub" from seeing his step-sister in a see-through outfit in last week's episode. He was seen telling Kris Jenner, Leah and Brandon that it was just a joke.

Kris chimed in saying she thought Brody has been crushing on Kim since he was seven years old -- and that's when he revealed it was actually the other Jenner brother who once locked lips with her back in the day!

Check out Kris' reaction below.

Brody then got a very twisted form of revenge on his step-sister by stripping off all of his clothes and waiting in Kim's bed with just a leaf over his junk. That really showed her, right?!

Elsewhere, Kendall and Kylie Jenner briefly went MIA ... and Kris showed some real emotion over son Rob's ongoing troubles.

The family's Thailand vacation will conclude next week, and then it's back to the real world for the Kardashian clan.

What do you think of all their vacay drama so far?

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