Superheroes, villains and a whole lot of Princess Leias took over San Diego over the weekend, where thousands of comic book fans gathered for Comic-Con 2014.

This year, toofab's very own Brian Particelli covered the event from the convention floor -- and even dressed for the occasion.

Sporting a red wig, incredibly uncomfortable contacts and a pair of black tights, he hit the floor as Gambit from the X-Men animated series of the '90s and -- minus the character's signature Cajun accent -- attempted to find as many fellow mutants as possible.

And when simply trying to spot them around town wasn't cutting it, he got to test drive 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's X-Men Cerebro Experience, an Oculus Rift opportunity created to promote the studio's "X-Men: The Cerebro Collection."

Check out the video above to see it in action, plus some impressive versions of Wolverine, Beast, Dark Phoenix and Mystique.

And click through the gallery below to see more costumes from this year's convention!


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