Don't mess with the Jenner clan.

In a sneak peek from this coming Sunday's "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Brody Jenner is seen going on the defensive after a man gropes sister Kendall Jenner during their vacation to Thailand.

It all went down as the two were ordering some drinks for the family at a beach bar. As Brody talks to the bartender another patron with a blurred-out face is seen making a move for Kendall's behind.

"Excuse me!," she exclaims before moving away from him. "Brody that guy just touched my ass!"

Kendall's big bro didn't take the sexual harassment lightly -- instantly going into attack mode on the guy.

"Did you just f**king touch my sister ... are you f**king kidding me bro?" he says, before knocking the man's hat off his head. Unfortunately, that's when the clip cuts -- meaning we'll have to tune into Sunday night's episode to see what happens next.

Elsewhere on vacay, Kim Kardashian ponders adopting a little girl from Thailand named "Pink" -- telling her mom and Brandon Jenner "This girl is so sweet and so cute, I would totally adopt her."

Cue Kris, the voice of reason: "You can't just go to an orphanage and fall in love with a child and then take them home like you're shopping."

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