Hillary Clinton's
showing off her sassy side!

The former Secretary of State sat down with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday's "The Colbert Report" to promote her new book "Hard Choices" ... and she was landing just as many jokes as the comedian.

Check out their hilarious banter above!

Clinton -- who's rumored to be running for President in 2016 -- was welcomed to the political show with lots of cheers. While Stephen tried to crack a few jokes at Hillary's expense, she definitely held her ground!

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"I just don't buy any of this -- there is no way on earth one woman can be in so many places at once," Colbert explained, in reference to her memoir.

Stephen also said that the former First Lady's novel is just one big name-dropping read. But Hillary quickly shot back, calling Colbert a name-dropper himself when he announced her on the show.

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"That's not what my good friend Tom Hanks calls me when we're hanging out at George Clooney's place," Stephen retorted.

"Oh, I love George," Clinton snapped back. "I wish he could've joined us when I had lunch with Meryl Streep and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa."

Basically the whole interview revolves around Hillary and Stephen trying to one-up the each other -- and it's pretty funny!

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