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Mila Kunis
is all belly!

The expecting star showed off her growing baby bump while running errands in Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old actress looked cute and casual, rocking an unbuttoned flannel shirt over a black top with rolled-up denim shorts and white sneakers.

The "Jupiter Ascending" star recently opened up about everything from the perks of pregnancy to her friend-turned-fiance Ashton Kutcher. 

"They're amazing!" she says about her pregnancy breasts. "They've tripled in size. I was a 34A; now I'm a 36C. I'm so excited! I'm telling everyone I know, 'Go ahead, touch them!'" she said in the July issue of Marie Claire.

"Without being an asshole, I have to say, I love being pregnant," she added.

The "That 70's Show" alum also already has a delivery plan.

"Two people are allowed in my delivery room. My doctor and my significant other," she explained. "And he is staying above the action. He'll be head to head. Not head to vag. Unless he wants to risk his life and see. But I wouldn't if I were him. I highly doubt he wants to see that being ripped apart and shredded. Because it will be shredded. It's just a matter of how badly."

Don't mess with this outspoken mama-to-be!

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