Jared Leto must really trust Jimmy Fallon!

The "Dallas Buyers Club" star stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday, and he agreed to let the late night host take his beard "down a notch."

"I have been asked to do some resurrections lately," the actor said, referencing his Jesus-like appearance.

Fallon then pulled out some clippers and proceeded to trim the actor's beard!

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"Right here, right now? Holy s--t!" Leto said nervously. "Since the Oscars I've been growing this," he said of his scruff. "I'm very attached to it."

Midway through the trim, Fallon switched blades. "How's that right there?" the comedian asked. "You trim my bush really good," Jared joked when Fallon was done.

Check out the hilarious clip above!

The 30 Seconds to Mars rocker also had an "intense staredown" with Fallon while sitting near a mountaintop. "I have achieved full and complete balance. My heart beats once per minute. My body is an arid tundra," Fallon said during his meditation.

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Meanwhile, Leto revealed, "I am a succubus. Sexual energy emanates from my epidermis. I smell of ocean birds."

Check out the video below -- it gets even more strange!

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