Let us rejoice, Justin Bieber is saying goodbye to his facial hair!

The pop star posted a video via Instagram on Wednesday, as he shaved away his barely-there mustache. He even hilariously wished the 'stache "RIP."

Check out the funny video below!

To be honest, those sparse hairs needed to go -- doesn't Justin look better with a hair-free face?

We think it's great that the "Baby" singer seemed pretty lighthearted about the whole process ... he has been the butt of some pretty funny jokes for quite some time now.

The 20-year-old even posted an after pic of his smooth face. "Ur boy got rid of his stash [sic]," he captioned the candid snap.

Will you miss the "Boyfriend" singer's facial hair? Sound off below and click "Launch Gallery" above to see even more stars with beards!

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